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MateFit.Me Are you wondering - How one customer lost 25 pounds*

As many people may know, losing weight and being healthy is not an easy task. It is not only physical but also emotional. My story may be very similar to many of you struggling with a fit and healthy lifestyle. It was a rough and sad battle at first. When I was fifteen I battled with eating disorders and depression. Into my late teens, it became a love hate relationship with food and my body.  My weight gain came on so fast, my doctors and family members worried about my wellbeing. In the year 2013 I made the decision to transform my life and reward my body. The first step I took was following fitness Instagram pages for inspiration. Not very long after this choice, I came across MateFit tea. I looked at other results and dove in headfirst and bought a months supply. I thought that I needed to try anything to make my life better. The tea made me feel light and energized even within the first day. As the weight started to come off, I made myself work harder. I set small and manageable goals and rewarded myself with each step. Along my way to becoming healthy I fell behind a little and lost my way for a while. I became angry with myself and gained another few pounds. One day I can across the Mate Fit Me site again and I remembered how amazing it felt to lose weight and feel cleansed. It is okay to fall behind and feel discouraged as long as you pick yourself up again. I have now lost almost 25 pounds*. I exercise and eat right as often as I can. I set my goals and take each day as they come. I am in no way perfect but I thought that I would never come this far. I thought I was the only person that couldn't lose the weight I wanted to. I’m proving myself wrong everyday. It is possible to create a healthy and happy lifestyle, if you believe you can.


Update of the Statement : the bottom line is you should eat well and do brisk walking for at least 20 minutes for a day 5 days in a week. So, that you will keep in  good health and shape. Some of the Teatox website folks saying that DIET is not required. Just drinking Teatox is enough. That is not TRUE.


MateFit Guru