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7 Habits That Will Make You A Morning Person


What’s your opinion of morning people? You know, those jovial individuals who pop out of bed like PopTarts with a smile on their face and a little extra pep in their step? We hate them. They’re the nails on the chalkboard of life, relentlessly reminding you that you, in fact, are not a morning person. Dragging yourself out of bed just to fumble in the dark, grumbling the whole way through is more your speed. But, let’s face it. How many of us secretly wish we could springboard out of bed like Dracula out of his coffin and get the day started with on a positive note? I’m willing to bet most of us have tried a few tactics to make this happen. Putting your alarm clock on the other side of the room or leaving your blinds open so that blast of morning sun will keep you from falling back asleep. Why are we doing these things? Pure torture! And besides, you can easily jump back into bed after shutting the alarm off and a pillow facemask fixes your sun issue. Snooze away, my friends.

Many times, when we try to establish new habits we think we need to make it difficult on ourselves to continue the bad ones. Like, if it’s more annoying to do the bad thing than the good thing, we’ll do the good thing. Has this worked for you? Didn’t think so. Ultimately, you’re setting yourself up for failure. A better way to transition into a new routine is to eliminate roadblocks. Plan to make the life of your future-self easier. You’ll be surprised how effective it is. Let’s take this theory and apply it to waking up earlier and actually liking it.

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Start the Night Before

One of the worst things to happen during a rushed morning is to not know where anything is. This is what we mean by setting yourself up for success. Transform your home into a well-oiled machine: clothes laid out, coffee maker set, gym bag packed. Waking up early is much easier when a fairy (you) has already done the work.


Bedtime Routine

Establish a routine you do before bed. This may include taking a shower with some delicious smelling goodies, lotioning up your limbs, drinking MateFit Detox Tea, whatever! Just do it all in the same order every night. This creates a cadence for your system.


Just 5 More Minutes!   

Being able to put your feet on the ground the moment your alarm goes off does not make you a morning person. Set your clock to go off about 5 minutes before you need to be up and use the extra time to just lay in bed, wiggle your toes, and get that groan inducing full body stretch. You’ll be surprised how this takes that rushed feeling out of your mornings.


Make Your Bed

It’ll be that much harder to dive back into a bed that you’ve already made. Plus, completing even just one task sets the tone for a productive day.


Get Moving

Whether it’s light stretching or a quick jaunt around the neighborhood, get your blood flowing. You’ll stimulate oxygen levels in your brain and set off endorphins which will give you a natural boost of energy to continue with the day.


Do Something You Like First Thing

Just because it’s a weekday doesn’t mean you’ve got to be all business. If you plan a morning activity that you relish, you’ll feel much better about getting up early. When you know you’ve got something pleasant planned the idea of peeling your eyelids open won’t seem so cumbersome. Not to mention, having a little “me” time when the rest of the house is asleep feels like a serious luxury.


Keep Your Routine – Even on the Weekend

If you’re constantly changing the time you wake up, it will be difficult to attain that morning glow. If you get up at 6:00am during the week, then so shall it be on the weekend. You’ll hate yourself for screwing things up when Monday rolls around, promise.

Waking up early has some serious benefits. The easiest to point to is overall lower stress levels and increased productivity. The way you spend your morning sets the tone for your entire day. Make a choice – PopTart or dry toast? You decide. 

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