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5 Fall Fashion Tips

5 Fall Fashion Tips

Best teatoxWhen I hear people talk about the Fall season one of the most common swoon worthy mentions is the return of Fall fashion. Boots, coats and scarves abound! There’s something about dressing for colder weather that adds a bit of whimsy to our everyday wardrobe. Maybe it’s because we get to wear more clothes in general, but I think it’s the deep, rich autumnal hues and changing trends that really make the season pop! Check out our picks for the top Fall trends to try this in 2015!



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This may seem like an intimidating look to pull off, but really, it’s just like wearing a fashionable blanket. The trend was spotted all over the runways this year and with good reason. They’re pretty versatile! The very nature of the cape makes it so you can wear it as outerwear or on its own as a dress paired with some opaque stockings and fun, sexy booties! Try belting it for a more figure flattering look, especially if you’re a bit on the short side.


Generally, why I think of fringe I think of a cheesy, hippie Halloween costume complete with tie-dye shirt. Luckily, we’ve evolved a bit since the days of the flowerchild and fringe is being rocked in a more sophisticated way. The easiest approach to quickly incorporate the trend it through accessorizing. A cross-body bag decked out in long, leather fringe is super glamourous when paired with a short, suede skirt and some fun Fall boots. Oh, and boots! Fringe flanked knee-highs look a-mazing with shift dresses or leggings.


Pronounced cool-lots, these breezy, above the ankle pants are exactly that, pretty damn cool. Beckoning back to the explosion of feminist ideals in the 1960’s, culottes became somewhat of a political statement. Split skirts, built more like pants or long shorts, brought women one step closer to ditching their bras in lieu of clothing which gave them the freedom to partake in less “ladylike” activities. Ok, history lesson aside, these little babies are not only totally chic, but they’re comfortable! They look fabulous paired with boots, booties or feminine heels.


An autumnal classic, plaid is hitting the street style scene hard this season. One of my favorite ways to wear this trend is as a trouser print. Incredibly chic and adding a feminine touch to a menswear classic is an easy transition if you’re a little shy about rocking a bold print. If you’re a diehard fashionista you can go absolutely crazy with this trend! Plaid leggings, rubber boots, outerwear…pair it with some 90’s Dr. Martens and you’ve got My So Called Life written all over you.


Another retro, cool season favorite, shearling is popping up all over the place right now. The soft, less extravagant cousin of full on fur, shearling makes a beautifully understated addition to outerwear and accessories alike. This particular trimming adds a subtle touch of style and coziness to your look. If you’re looking to add an investment piece to your closet, this trend would be the safest to choose. Shearling never goes out of style! Choose a coat with shearling trim or shearling lined boots.

Remember, when participating in these ‘of the moment trends’, start small and don’t overdo it. One piece of each is totally sufficient to keep you at the top of your fashion game without investing too much in something that may be here today, gone tomorrow. But, hey, if we’ve learned anything in Fall 2015 it’s that history repeats itself, so hang on to some of your new purchases – you never know when they’ll come back in full-force!

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