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MateFit - Foods that sound healthy!

MateFIt Teatox Detox Metabolic Boost Pre Workout Assist Super Goji Cla 2000 Shaker Bottles , Foods that sound healthy Foods that sound healthy! Teatox Pro Pack   Foods that sound healthy…but how you typically eat them during the holidays can pack on the pounds. Here are a few foods to watch out for at the dinner table.
Turkey, sounds healthy enough, but the skin and dark meat are the ones to avoid. The skin of turkey and chicken is loaded with saturated fat. Dark meat has more fat per bite than white meat. .

Stuffing, what’s wrong with a little seasoned bread? Stuffing is usually loaded with butter, sodium and high-fat meats. A single scoop may have up to 550 calories.

Sweet potatoes, those are healthy right?  They've got vitamins A and C, plus a dose of calcium and potassium. But, if they're in a casserole made with marshmallows, butter, and lots of sugar, that offsets their benefits.

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