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Amy Schumer Rules … Or Lack Thereof


If 2015 belonged to anyone, it was Amy Schumer. This chick takes the cake in more ways than one and it’s safe to say that she’s here to stay. And THANK GOODNESS! She may be a total potty mouth and vulgar and say some things that would make your gynecologist blush, but we just can’t get enough of Amy Schumer. On a superficial level, she’s a shocking comedian whose material is self-deprecating and laden with sexually explicit content. In general, first impression, that’s what you probably see. Totally fair. But, for those of us who have followed her from the beginning, we’ve seen how much she’s actually accomplished! Personal opinions about d*ck jokes aside, you can’t deny that girl’s got it goin’ on. Let’s breakdown some facts that make Amy Schumer the ideal role model for our teenage youth (just, give us a chance here).

Body Image Role Model

A regularly occurring topic of Amy’s is her physique. In a world where body-perfecting apps exist and teenage plastic surgery is the norm, Ms. Schumer is consistently reminding young women that she is not built like that nor does she give a hoot. What’s more refreshing about her stance on the subject is the way she communicates her feelings about it. She often jokes about her weight but we don’t get the feeling that she’s secretly crying on the inside. And, the way she does this truly has the power to make you feel like, yeah, I kind of have cankles, so what?! And to top off her year of not so subtle “this is how I am, deal with it” moments, she recently posed nude for the 2016 Pirelli Calendar in which she said, “I felt more beautiful than I ever felt in my life,”. We love you Amy!

Modern Day Feminist

Schumer is at the forefront of the Hollywood powerhouses proving that women are a force to be reckoned with. It’s no secret that “feminist” is a polarizing word. It has the power to elicit strong emotions on both ends of the political spectrum – we don’t have time to go there, but you know what we’re talking about. In regard to Amy, she sits in quite an interesting position when considering the topic. If you watched the third season of Inside Amy Schumer, you saw her communicate her position on female objectification and rape culture in a way that only she could. It’s impressive to find feminist wisdom laced through sketches about gang bangs “proving women are not objects” or discussing an actress’s “last f**kable day”, but shucks, Amy, you done it!

Professional Inspiration

Amy has had a string of successful endeavors. Starting off her career winning 4th place on Last Comic Standing, she continued her standup career opening for various big name acts and headlining her own shows before seriously being noticed during the 2011 Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. After a being invited back to roast Rosanne Barr, the network offered Amy her first hour-long special. The next year, her sketch comedy show premiered on the network and after three years she was nominated for an Emmy for Best Actress while her show was nominated for outstanding variety sketch series. In 2015, she played the leading role in Trainwreck, a film for which she wrote the script, and rumor has it, she turned down the opportunity to host The Daily Show after Jon Stewart’s retirement.

The view from your couch may have you wishing you were Amy Schumer. She’s rich, successful, confident… she’s got everything. But if you’re feeling this way, you’re missing the point.

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