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MateFit - How to Eat and Train for Fat Loss

Teatox How to Eat and Train for Fat Loss

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You hate dieting. To you, the word “diet” usually means:



  • Hunger.
  • Strength and muscle loss.
  • Low of sex drive.
  • Lethargy.
  • Constant cravings.


Learn how to create a sustainable diet and exercise plan that will help you lose as much fat as you want.


Luckily, you can limit, or even completely avoid most of these problems if you train and eat intelligently for fat loss.



In this podcast, bodybuilder, researcher, and fat loss expert Eric Helms teaches you how to create a diet and exercise program that will help you lose unwanted body fat without going insane. You’ll also learn how to create a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to stay lean without obsessing over food, losing strength and muscle, and constantly fighting food cravings. Here’s what you’ll learn:



Your Scientific Guide to Fat Loss


3:53 — What’s a normal body fat level for men and women? How much fat do you need to lose to be considered “lean?”


5:13 — How to lose body fat.


6:25 — The crucial difference between getting lean, and getting thin.


8:16 — What happens to your body when you diet.


10:20 — How to stop being hungry on a diet.


13:00 — How meal plans, strict rules, and avoiding certain foods can derail your dieting efforts.


15:49 — A simple guide to “clean eating” on a diet.


19:20 — How taking a break from your diet can help you lose fat.


21:54 — How to maintain your strength and size while dieting.


24:46 — How to exercise for fat loss.


29:42 — How much protein to eat for fat loss.


33:00 — How many carbs and fats to eat on your diet.


36:30 — How to use cardio to get lean (without killing your strength and size).


39:26 — How to stay lean without going nuts or being miserable.


48:55 — Eric’s single most important tip that will help you lose body fat.

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