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Here is the real review I loved my experience with this 14 day experience

Here is the real review I loved my experience with this 14 day experience I loved my experience with this 14 day experience. I've always wanted to try something like this and i'm glad I chose MateFit! This was my first teatox ever! Let me break it down for you:

Metabollic Tea:
-Great Taste (if you normally don't drink tea, it may be different but just add a bit of honey and lemon and you're good to go)
-Never felt bloated at all after any meal (perfect for me because my boyfriend finally heard me stop complaining about how I always feel fat and bloated after eating)
-Had to go to the bathroom a lot during work (but sometimes that was a good thing because that meant less working haha)
-Felt way more energized during the day (Felt more better knowing that it was organic tea doing that to me rather than starbucks coffee even though it's so good)
-Was always a good gym partner for me (Also got a lot of compliments on my cute MateFit bottle and actually had people ask me about it)

Detox Tea:
-Made me feel super light and clean the morning of (I got up every morning and looked at my tummy in the mirror feeling so happy because it looked super good)
-Totally felt like the tea had mini minions inside of me scrubbing and cleaning every nasty thing inside to make me healthy fit (Weird I know, but that's how I really felt)
-Different taste (But I added a bit of honey and lemon like I said earlier and it was good)
-I wanted to drink it every night because I wanted to get that clean feeling every morning (and that flat tummy every morning, not that it wasn't like that every morning)

Last but not least, I am definitely getting more MateFit again!!!

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