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Kourtney Kardashian Detox Water Shares Her Recipe that She Always Keeps at Home

Kourtney Kardashian Detox WaterKourtney Kardashian is not afraid to admit that her go-to detox diet is “difficult” but if you’re still looking to give part of her lifestyle a try, the reality star has a healthy habit that’s a little more attainable: detox water.

The oldest Kardashian sister revealed that she keeps the refreshing beverage on hand at all times and shared the recipe on her app so her followers can do the same.

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“Since drinking enough water every day is a huge part of my wellness regimen, I have big pitchers at home infused with healthy ingredients,” she writes. “Studies show that drinking 8 to 12 ounces of filtered water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning helps jump-start your metabolism and detox your body, while mint and ginger are effective in keeping your immune system strong.”

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The health benefits of drinking lemon water as oppose to just regular water are actually pretty minimal (as explained in more detail by our sister publication Extra Crispy here), but the main benefit appears to be that by amping up the flavor of your water, you’re actually tricking yourself into drinking more water—which also seems to be true for Kardashian.

“When I make this water, the fresh flavors taste so good that I end up drinking even more throughout my day!” she says.

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The mom of three is clearly a big fan of flushing out her system. Earlier this summer, Kardashian revealed that she’s been “detoxing on and off for a few months now” due to her doctor finding high levels of mercury and lead in her system. The fix is three meals a day (with no snacking) made up of a low-carb diet, with high proteins, healthy fats and no grains, beans or legumes. She also does a 24-hour fast one day a week.

Drinking a few glasses of flavored water sounds like a whole lot easier if you ask us.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Detox Water

½ cucumber
½ lemon
2 inches fresh ginger root
1 lime
10-12 fresh mint leaves
Pinch of Himalayan salt

1. Cut cucumber, lemon and lime into thin slices and chop ginger into cubes.

2. Add all ingredients to a large pitcher of water and stir in fresh mint.


Courtesy: people.com

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