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Everything you need to know about teatox - How teatox works - Should you try a teatox?

The word “detox” is a short version of detoxification known for centuries and is considered to be a cleansing method of the body popular in several cultures

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ST. LOUIS, Sep.2, 2020 /MateFit/ --  The concept of eliminations of toxins from a body by consuming a diet or drink was originally found in Greek and Egyptian history

  1. Why Do You Need Teatox?
  2. What is a teatox?
  3. How teatox works?
  4. Health benefits of teatox!
  5. Does teatox benefit weight loss?
  6. Should you try a teatox?
  7. Diet plan along with teatox!
Why Do You Need Teatox?


The word “detox” is a short version of detoxification known for centuries and is considered to be a cleansing method of the body popular in several cultures. The concept of eliminations of toxins from a body by consuming a diet or drink was originally found in Greek and Egyptian history. In ancient times, people used to do fasting to purify their body, some ancient detox techniques that have been used till today is a sauna, herbal treatment, chelation therapy, dry brush, consuming plenty of water, medication, and exercises. The science behind the purification of the body is to remove the toxins from the blood, liver, kidney, and gut. According to research, the heavy metals have been found in Roman aristocracy like lead and mercury.

News: Everything you need to know about teatox - How teatox works - Should you try a teatox?

Mostly the Biblical society sheds off the accumulated toxin by taking sweat baths. Also, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is another healing system to treat toxins in the body by consuming herbs, herbal teas, and acupuncture techniques. Ayurveda is also an ancient approach to detoxify the body by some herbal formulation. In this modern age, even if we eat clean and avoid commercial food additives, we are still at high risk to accumulate some toxins that come from the pollution in the environment. The toxins from the land in the form of disposal of metal mines are also increasing every year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide can cause serious issues in human health. Moreover, E.coli and salmonella are great sources of toxins found in organic fruits and vegetables, a study by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Therefore it is very important to detoxify our body in this modern age by different means and purify blood and liver.

What is a teatox?


Due to the increasing trend of clean eating and healthy diet, the detox tea also named as “teatox” has gained popularity. These types of teas claim to cleanse your body, boost the energy levels, reduce bloating, improve mood, and weight loss. Usually, the ingredients used in these teas are all-natural and organic such as fennel, ginger, coriander, turmeric, burdock root, cinnamon, rooibos, berries, sage, and anise seeds. Teatox consists of blends of spices and herbs and can do wonders for our bodies. There are several benefits of having teatox from rejuvenating your skin to increase metabolism and help to shed extra pounds. However, make sure to understand the consumption of teatox per day as the excess amount of laxatives such as senna leaves have reverse effects on the body.

How teatox works?


According to the dietician, the herbal teas help to prolong your life by eliminating the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart attack and cancer. The infused herbs and spices not only boost immunity but also help to manage stress. Unlike other usual teas that are high in caffeine can cause dehydration and acidic in nature, the teatox is an immense source of antioxidants and have soothing effects on the mind and body. The reduction in stress leads to more peaceful nights and helps you to have a sound sleep. The detox teas also fulfill the daily intake of eight glasses of water. The polyphenols, an important antioxidant in teatox, can help to restore dull and damaged skin and give you a younger look. Everyday there is a large number of toxins that accumulate on our body, the detox teas help in regulate the function of the liver, kidney, and gut. It helps to absorb the nutrients properly and its antioxidant property reduces the risk of allergies. The teatox is designed for morning and evening cleanses systems. On should be careful while selecting the type of teatox accordingly, as the morning and evening teatox acts differently according to their ingredients. In the morning the teatox works as a stimulant and supplies power pack energy for the rest of the day, while the one consumed in the evening detoxifies and purifies the body. A powerful Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE contains the day time and bedtime boost energy teatox package helps to cleanse the body, boost metabolism and weight loss.

Health benefits of teatox


There are plenty of reasons why you need a teatox. The detox teas have some proven health benefits such as getting rid of harmful toxins from the whole body; have properties to heal the gut, and weight loss. The Detox Tea 28 Days made up of ten essential natural herbs including organic dandelion root and senna leaf can destroy the unhealthy bacteria in the gut and help to boost metabolism and weight loss. According to a research team of nutritionists claims that consuming the morning and evening teatox can suppress appetite but boost energy equally and also soothe the nerves during sleep. Being the safest option for shedding pounds and cleansing, the natural and organic ingredients rich in antioxidant properties may help in;

  • Prevents high blood pressure
  • Limits the risk of strokes and heart diseases
  • Boost energy levels
  • Strengthen mental heath
  • Maintain body weight
Does teatox benefit weight loss?


Goji berries, an organic detoxifier when consumed in the form of tea, have diverse effects on your weight loss journey. These goji berries have a long history and have been used as an important ingredient in Asian cuisine. The nutritionists claim that consuming goji detox tea can shed about two pounds a week. These are highly rich in amino acids which help in building and repairing muscles in your body. These are natural digestive properties that help in reducing bloating due to water and gas retention. The high content of vitamins and other nutrients such as iron, selenium, and vitamin A can help in weightlessness by regulating the metabolism. Mostly the weight gain due to the inflammation of any organ and insulin resistance, the goji berries detox tea can adjust the histamine levels in your body. Even the people who are suffering from obesity are also recovered by consuming this wonder tea. Here is the simple recipe of goji berries tea for weight loss, which can consume any time of the day and take as much as you want. Super Goji Blast Berry is highly rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and helps in burn calories, suppress the sugar craving, reduce bloating and strengthen immunity. Another important weight loss supplement is Smart Burn 4 Stage Fat Burner, which helps in maintaining weight, control appetite, and flush out toxins from the body by just taking a supplement once a day. Natural formula and researched and tested by nutritionists, these supplements control the sugar cravings and provide extra thermogenic fat burn.


Should you try a teatox?


An individual should be very careful before consuming detox teas, first gather all the knowledge about the tea and your health condition. Mostly, the caffeine-based teas such a black and white tea should be consumed in moderation. The people with acidity and migraines should use herbal tea according to their medical condition as not all herbs are suitable for everyone. Especially pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before taking any teatox. The people who are going through any kind of treatment such as damaged liver or kidneys are not prescribed to take ant detox formulation. Laxative, a detoxifying agent that is rich in detox teas may not be suitable to everyone and if taken in excess causes headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. Young children should not consume any kind of detox tea. Most importantly, the purification or cleansing of the body through a detox tea is only recommended for a limited period of time preferably a maximum for 28 days. The detox tea when taken with any type of medication can induce extra strain on the body. When used for weight loss purposes, detox tea should not be replaced by a regular meal. A nutritionist is always recommended to eat healthy and clean while consuming detox tea.

Diet plan along with teatox


To keep the body nutrients for your vital health, junk food, processed meals, and snacks is not an ideal plan to consume with detox tea. A balanced diet along with teatox produces effective results in the long term. Here are few tips for a diet taking along with teatox;

  • Avoid Dehydration: Water is an ideal medium to detoxify the accumulated toxic waste in your body, so drinking plenty of water can hydrate your body and cleanse it from time to time. The recommended amount of water for an average-weight person is eight glasses of water every Make sure you do not forget sipping water throughout the day.
  • Breakfast: Try to consume light breakfast after having a cup of detox tea. Proteins in the form of eggs or any meat are not recommended in breakfast as it takes a long time to digest and slows down the process. Mostly a blended smoothie is recommended with some fresh fruits.
  • Lunch: Lunch is a perfect time to take some low-calorie diet, a bowl of soup of vegetables is recommended with stock to give it a delicious taste. The prawn salad tossed with some potato tuna and olive oil can help in losing weight.
  • Dinner: The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish can help to rejuvenate skin and brighten it. A piece of baked salmon with a bowl of mixed vegetables is a perfect dinner to digest well.
  • Snacking: Fresh fruits or smoothies with a cereal bar can be lightweight and healthy snacks. Moreover, a cup of fat-free yogurt can be consumed as a daily snack.

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