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Teatox is the latest fad online to Detoxify your body

With celebs posting photos of them sipping health teas on social media, the tea detox movement is catching on.

Instead of groggily reaching for your mug of coffee every morning, opt for a steaming cup of natural tea.

Teatox (short for tea detox) has become a craze online with health-conscious young women posting their teatox experiment snaps on photo-sharing sites. Incidentally, it's a hit with celebs abroad. Model Kendall Jenner drinks a dozen cups of herbal tea to keep herself fresh during fashion week. Joining her in the fad is sister Kylie, singers Ciara and Nicki Minaj, and actresses Lindsay Lohan and Sarah Hyland. Unlike fad diets that promise quick weight loss, a teatox is more holistic in its approach and doesn't guarantee a sudden transformation. Progress is slow but steady.

How it works:

Try sipping on green tea, herbal tea, chamomile tea and jasmine tea every morning. You could also opt for teatox blends available at health shops which have ingredients like peppermint, alfalfa and nettle leaf in it.

Advantages of a teatox:

Most teas in the detox category have an ingredient that acts as an appetite suppressant.
✪  These teas give an energy boost to get your metabolism started.
✪  They curb the tendency to snack on junk during the day
✪   Unlike a juice cleanse, you're not cutting on any actual meals.
✪  The teas help flush out your system and aid in digestion.

courtesy from Times of India

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