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Teatox Benefits Diet Plan for Happy Columbus Christmas New Year and Upcoming Holidays

Teatox Benefits: Diet Plan for Columbus Day and Upcoming Holidays!

Happy Columbus Day, Christmas Day, New Year and even more Happy Holidays!

  1.     Teatox Benefits: Diet Plan for Columbus Day and Upcoming Holidays!
  2.     Why Should You Pre-Teatox?
  3.     The Teatox Tea is made up of 17 types of natural herbs and roots, as follows:
  4.     Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE
  5.     Direction to Use:
  6.     Teatox 14 Days Tea MINI
  7.     Things to do along Teatoxing:
    1. Check your portion sizes:
    2. Enjoying a meal at a leisurely pace:
    3. Don’t practice party hungry:
    4. Keep a balance in your day:
    5. Try to move more:

Columbus Day holiday is around the corner and it is a holiday that has been celebrated wholeheartedly throughout the United States. The holiday is actually to rejoice the anniversary of Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492. This holiday is all about family gathering and enjoying fancy food. Moreover, from mid-November to December the festive holiday season is around the corner. At this time of year, everybody is preparing a budget to travel home, shop, buy gifts for family and friends. Everyone is excited to spend quality time with their family. But also you may worry a little about their diet plan during holidays. How do I manage the weight during the holidays? How do the holiday treats influence my diet plan? How do I balance a weight gain and overeating that comes with holidays? All these questions arise in your mind because the seasonal holidays may encourage the consumption of a diet excess in calories, excess eating at the gatherings of family and friends, and most importantly the lethargic behavior. According to NIH research, during the seasonal holidays, an individual in Western societies can gain an average of 1 pound. Well, it does not seem more but people are not making any effort to shed this extra pound and this adds up over years. The food you are consuming in the holidays can bring great trouble afterward. Keep in mind that overeating on one bad day can disturb the digestive system and affect your health in the long run. Moreover, the foods in holidays are dense in energy and the trend of snacking in odd times is common.

News Teatox Benefits Diet Plan for Happy Columbus Christmas New Year and Upcoming Holidays - MateFit Teatox Co

As we know that our bodies are already in great stress and strain due to the pandemic COVID-19. The people are involved in the habit of emotional and unhealthy eating, also the limited resources of food in the pandemic have a diverse impact on eating routine. The people failed to understand the difference between emotional and physical eating. It is believed that stress is linked with emotional eating. One of the possible reasons for this stress in this pandemic comes from the fact that the people have forcefully stayed at home. Especially the people who work in remote areas may not get a chance to meet their family and friends even in the upcoming holidays. According to science when a person is in stress, his body releases a hormone called cortisol which causes increased appetite.

So are you the one looking for the solution of this hectic eating routine? And looking for the last-minute solution? Then you are one the right place, we have got your back with a great detox tea. You just need to focus on the detoxification system of your body in this festive holiday season. Most of the time people prefer post-holiday detox, but our focus here is to prepare our body before holidays i.e. pre-holidays detox. What if one day you have done bad eating, our detox plan will protect your body and mind and let you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Why Should You Pre-Teatox?


Preparing your body for the detox program by consuming a detox tea before the holidays is called pre-teatox. The harmful toxins in our body accumulate in the tissues, which further penetrates the bloodstream and causes serious health issues including body aches, dizziness, low energy, severe mood swings, and distressed patterns of sleep. Matefit offers a great deal of 28 days packages of ultimate teatox. The teatox is made up of all-natural ingredients even suitable for vegans because the tea is soy, dairy, and gluten-free.

The Teatox Tea is made up of 17 types of natural herbs and roots, as follows:


Yerba Mate: helps in weight loss and reduces belly fat

Sechung Oolong Tea: helps to improve brain function

Pinhead Green Tea: helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Angelica Root Powder: helps in stimulating blood flow and relieves menstrual cramps

Guarana Seed Powder: brightens the skin and give it a natural glow

Licorice Root cut: has an anti-inflammatory and anti-stress property

Stevia: helps in maintaining the blood pressure

Dandelion Root: boost the immune system

Rosemary Leaf: helps in relieving headaches and migraines

Peppermint Leaf Tea: enhances the memory and concentration

Senna Leaf: helps in reducing constipation

Cinnamon Powder: has an anti-inflammatory property

Ginger Root: helps in soothing sore muscles

Hibiscus Flower Powder: helps in lower the fat levels

Rhubarb Root Powder: boosting gut health

Lemongrass Leaf: enhances metabolism and burns fat

Grapefruit Peel: has an antioxidant property


Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE


A teatox tea is a powerhouse for your body and gently cleanses your liver to enhance the body purification from harmful toxins. Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE Cleanse comes in two types of cleansing system, a Day Time Boost Energy Tea and Bedtime Cleanse Detox Tea. 

Try Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE today; click here.


The day time and bedtime detox system contains:

  •         1 Metabolic Boost Pouches of Loose Leaf Tea - Drink Every Day


Quantity: can make up to 30 Cups of Day Time Energy Boost Tea 

Weight: 70 g each

Gender: Unisex

Model Number: metabolic-boost


  •         1 Detox Pouches of Loose Leaf Tea - Drink Every Other Night


Quantity: can make up to 10 Cups of Bedtime Detox Tea 

Weight: 35 g each

Gender: Unisex

Model Number: matefit-detox

Direction to Use:


Morning: Metabolic Boost (Before or With Breakfast)

Bed Time: Detox Tea (15 - 30 Minutes before Bed)

First, let the tea bag steep in boiling water for about 3-5 minutes. Enjoy the tea when it feels at a comfortable temperature.

Teatox 14 Days Tea MINI


If you want to give a try, you can use the mini package of teatox tea. This 14 Day Teatox Tea Mini helps in flushes all harmful toxins and helps in shedding extra pounds, also helps in reducing bloating, enhanced digestion, reduces puffiness and fatten the stomach, and gives you a healthy body in shape.

This package is also known as the 14-day skinny teatox package as it helps in shedding unwanted pounds especially the stubborn belly area. The ultimate package is tried and tested for giving you strengthen abdomen muscles resulting in a flat belly. The package is super easy to follow and can start right away.

Try Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE today; click here.

Things to do along Teatoxing:


A study shows that when evaluating the holiday weight gain, people usually average gain pounds in between October to December. This specific time is full of festive holidays with fancy feasts with friends and family. The people who are already overweight might be at risk to gain around five pounds. For most people, it becomes a challenge to maintain weight while enjoying the holidays. As mentioned above, the ultimate teatox is the best method to maintain weight but few things can enhance the detoxing and give you a relaxed and light body. Here are a few tips you can follow:     

  • Check your portion sizes:

The food is all about how much you eat instead of what you eat. You can just consume your calorie-rich food in small portions. According to research, people are inclined towards eating almost what they served. Keeping an eye on your portion is vital and here is a guide to follow the portion size of each meal:

Salad or Vegetables: should be half plate

Proteins: such as white meat, eggs, beans, tofu— quarter plate

Carbs: such as whole grains and starch — quarter plate

Fat: such as cheese, butter, and oil —suggested amount is about 7 grams (or half a tablespoon)

  • Enjoying a meal at a leisurely pace:

The key to having a meal at a leisure pace is allowing oneself to feel full. The slow eating can potentially avoid eight gains because it is about how long it takes to feel full. The studies suggest that it takes about 15 to 20 minutes naturally and also some physiological processes are involved in the whole mechanism of feeling satisfied and fuller.

  • Don’t practice party hungry:

Practicing party hungry does not mean you don’t need to eat at all; it is something to beat the social overeating habits. The reason why you need to practice party hunger is that:

People get distracted by the conversations and start to eat mindlessly

The tempting and well-presented food lets you eat the over-portion than the recommended size of the meal.

  • Keep a balance in your day:

On a holiday event or get-together, try to balance your calories by consuming small meals. This trick can give you a fuller feeling while you enjoy apart. Small meals that are consumed throughout the day can keep the metabolism active and the burning of calories keeps going.

  • Try to move more:

When you are away from home and gym, don’t have time to do a proper gym workout, follow these tips and enjoy the holiday;

If you are a pet lover, just grab the leash and enjoy a walk with your dog.

Take your partner or child for a walk; try to explore the interesting things around.

Do some light 10-minute workout at home, this will increase the heart rate and reduce stress.

Make a habit to walk more. The few steps walk after a meal helps in reducing bloating and enhances metabolism.

Do yoga or light weightlifting at home while watching your favorite TV show

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