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Health Benefits of Teatox Tea

MateFit TeaTox is a modern antioxidant powerhouse with an infused herbal tea blend that delivers tons of nutritious phytochemicals and health generating components throughout your body.

All the great things about a mentalism boosting herbal supplement without any hype or unnatural ingredients. MateFit Teatox uses all of them are 100% natural ingredients.

MateFit Teatox is 2 step process:

Step #1: Metabolic Boost Tea is also known as Day Time Tea:

Metabolic Booster blend is organic yerba mate, oolong tea and gunpowder tea (green tea). Oolong and gunpowder tea has EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) which decreases fat absorption and increases fat burn (oxidation) along with body temperature.

When you combine caffeine and EGCG they significantly increase fat burning (metabolic output) by 9% when not exercising. When you take it while exercising, it bumps up to 17%!

We added yerba mate because when higher levels of caffeine are combined with EGCG it becomes impossible to enjoy the benefits. Yerba Mate changes the chemical dynamic so even though it has natural caffeine, it’s not enough to get in the way.

So Teatox Metabolic boost help in Increases metabolism , Increases fat burning and energy synthesis, Regulates sugar cravings, Improves ratio of good cholesterol, Reduces blood pressure, Increase in Energy

Metabolic Boost: 2 times every day. As a general rule of thumb, 15 minutes before breakfast and lunch works great.

Step #2: Detox Tea is also known as Night Time Tea:

Detox will help in flush all the impurities out of your body, cleansing your liver, kidneys, blood and colon, Improves digestion function, improve your sense of wellbeing

Detox: All you do with the detox is partake every other night directly after your “dinner meal.

The combination of Metabolic Boost and Detox will help you lose weight and feel super charged simultaneously while getting rid of toxins.

Imagine this: you get a delicious and heart warming tea that provides a fresh new zest of natural energy, but no crash comes afterwards! Nothing but natural and nutrient rich

Let’s Talk Antioxidants & Free Radicals

Whenever we eat packaged foods (additives, preservatives and potentially trace amounts of pharmaceuticals or unnatural toxins/chemicals) or even breathing in the city air, our body is under attack by pollutants.

These pollutants are sometimes referred to as free radicals.

Free radicals are attracted to your cells because they have an incomplete structure. In this search, they attach themselves to our cells and steal cellular material (some scientists claim this is one of the main reasons why we age). If free radicals are allowed to roam freely in your body, you risk different types of afflictions and diseases. A stressful life, unhealthy diet drastically compound the danger.

Luckily, antioxidants like the ones we use, fight free radicals and lower your cellular stress levels. By consuming more antioxidants, you promote a healthy body and better quality of life.

Is MateFit Safe?

Yes indeed! We’re talking 100% natural ingredients used for hundreds, if not thousands of years by our species. Many independent scientific journals and research institutes have proven the safety and efficiency of ingredients in our blend.

Keep in mind that this formulation contains components that may trigger side effects, especially when mixed with other supplements or medications. For these reasons you should consult with your doctor.

Disclaimer: The vast majority MateFit users won’t feel any side effects from these ingredients. But, since humans come in many different sizes and shapes we cannot guarantee that EVERYONE on planet earth will have a positive experience. If you do sense any ill side effects, then don't worry they’re not life threatening and you can stop consuming MateFit at any time. Some of the side effects might be: rashes, breaking out (pimples), itchy throat, or nausea.