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What MateFit Does for Your Body

Modern Herbal Tea-Infused Health & Wellness

MateFit's goal is to bring you the healthiest and most natural supplements available. Our tea is combined with a large variety of different fresh herbs and spices to create a potent mix that can assists you on the path to a healthy body.

We take our Booster and Detox teas seriously, which is what drives us to buy from only the best suppliers in the business. As your wellbeing is our passion and determines our success, we only put our stamp on products that we stand behind 100%.


The main ingredients in our Metabolic Booster blend are organic yerba mate, oolong tea and gunpowder tea (green tea). Oolong and gunpowder tea has EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) which decreases fat absorption and increases fat burn (oxidation) along with body temperature.

Our detox will flush all the impurities out of your body, cleansing your liver, kidneys, blood and colon. The combination of Metabolic Boost and Detox may help you lose weight and feel super charged simultaneously while getting rid of toxins.

MateFit's Ingredients May:

  • Increases metabolism*

  • Increases fat burning and energy synthesis* 

  • Regulates sugar cravings* 

  • Improves ratio of good cholesterol* 

  • Reduces blood pressure* 

  • Improves digestion function* 

  • May improve your sense of wellbeing*