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How to upgrade Dad this Father's Day

s your Dad still collecting jars of change, rocking an old flip-phone, or using a “vintage” point-and-shoot (with film)?

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He might be set in his ways with gadgets of days gone by, but tech adoption is actually skyrocketing among older adults.

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, some 42% of seniors now report owning smartphones, up from just 18% in three years ago. And nearly 70% now use the Internet, a 55 percentage-point increase in just under two decades.

Despite these gains, the study also found many seniors remain disconnected and discomforted with the the digital revolution. Many are primed and ready, but remain timid and confused. The last thing they want is to get stuck coming to you every five minutes for gadget-help. (Which is pretty much the last thing you want too, right?)

Upgrading Dad

Father’s Day (June 18) could be a good excuse to replace some of dear old dad’s outdated tech with simple, low-cost replacements. It might also be a great time to help ease him into modern life with confidence, no matter what his age. Here are several ideas, based on many old gadgets my very own dad has lying around.

Upgrade his flip-phone

Let’s start by making sure he has a smartphone and knows how to use it. You don’t have to go all out and hand over the most expensive iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S8. There are Android smartphones like the ZTE Max XL ($130) or the R1 HD($50) that won’t break the bank.

If money’s not an issue though, splurge for an iPhone through a service such as Enjoy. It sends technicians to dad’s house to set the phone up for him, and teach him how to use it. HelloTech is another useful site to know about here. It offers 24/7 tech support, with people who have all the patience in the world, for all kinds of questions. Apple recently launched a series of classes at its stores across the country too. One of the classes is aptly named “iPhone Basics,” and promises to help newbies, “explore new features and share a few helpful tips and tricks.”